Determining if your list of suppliers is both legitimate and a good fit for you

I have a list of potential suppliers. Can you help me determine which one is a good fit for me and if they are legitimate companies?


Thank you for request. It is perhaps the most commonly asked questions for our Ask The Experts service.  We are happy to provide the following.

First, when you are doing your research, it helps to give priority to suppliers that have higher star status in the Global Sources online system, visit for full details.

In addition to the Global Sources’ 6 Star ranking system online, I still recommend that you or your representatives visit the factory in person before placing any significant order. If you are unable to make the trip yourself, or if you would like the support of professionals,  I would like to introduce the following CSIC Endorsed Service Providers, as they can help you with the following:

1.      If you would like to conduct due diligence to evaluate the reputation and financial standing of your potential suppliers, I suggest you talk to

2.      If you need help auditing the factories to evaluate the quality control system, then is whom you should hire. Their charges are a few 100 USD per day and most audits take two days or less.

3.      If you need general assistance with researching suppliers, conducting the RFQ (request for quotation), evaluating options at a national level, managing vendors and general China-side project management,  then know that and are both reputable US owned, China based sourcing agencies that could be of service to you.

Suggest you visit the 5 websites above to get more details and determine which services you need as I suspect all of them may be applicable to your project.

If you take one piece of advice away today, I hope you will place high importance on having yourself or somebody that represents you visit the suppliers in person before you place a substantial order.

Best wishes on your sourcing program!

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