Making use of 3PL Service Providers

Like an agent that plans your entire vacation from door to door, freight forwarders can take care of every detail of getting your goods from the factory to your warehouse. More than any other single reason, you want to avail yourself of their services because they will coordinate all the logistics for you for less time and money than you could ever possible do yourself. Just make sure that in choosing one you find someone that fits with you specific needs.

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Going to a trade show in China, Part 1 : Getting there

Tool of the trade

Probably the most important decision that you will make prior to coming to China is what tradeshow you will attend while here. In China alone there are thousands of shows every year. From the huge bi-annual fairs in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong to smaller regional and industry specific fairs that are held all over the country, the options are almost endless. How to choose between so many?

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Buying from a Supplier Online

As you push more and more volume through them, they will get better and better at anticipating your needs and more and more willing to help you with details and requirements. Schenker, Phoenix, Expeditors, Marsk are all forwarders that we’ve used.

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