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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

Trademark In China

Why Register a Trademark in China?

AsiaBridge Law Firm recently posted what the buyer will receive if they register his or her trademark in China.  Also if you didn’t already know, China is a first...

Hong Kong Scam

Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

AsiaBridge Law’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an...

Lear How China Dominates Sourcing

Best of Fall at Global Sources [GS]

October saw lots of buyers at the Global Sources [GS] trade fair in Hong Kong and the rest of the season GS brought us up to date sourcing news and trends.  We’ve...

Purchase Orders or Purchase Contracts?

AsiaBridge’s blog recently wrote at length the exact difference between purchase orders and purchase contracts.  What’s really the difference?  The...

Asia Quality Focus Articles

Best of Fall at Asia Quality Focus [AQF]

September, October, and November saw a lot of great content pumping out of Quality Control’s blog.  We’ve compiled the best.  Be sure to check them out for...

PRC Releases New Trademark Amendment, Violators Face Fines: ~500K USD

China’s top legislature– Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted an amendment to the Trademark Law which went into effect...

June & July’s Best of AQF

Asia Quality Focus’ blog gave us lots of good information regarding new policies to look for, ethical manufacturing, sourcing risks, inspection sampling and much...


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