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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

What procedures should I follow to import easily?

What procedures do I follow in order to import easily without losing my capital or goods. Here is a series of short videos designed to answer that very question: Video...

3 essential steps to protect yourself when buying from China

We are getting close to making decisions on large quantity and large dollar value transactions with several companies in China. We are concerned with protecting...

Verified supplier still let me down. The machine wasn’t to spec.

I purchased a machine from a Chinese supplier that we verified and seemed to be good. We paid in full, received the machine and now it does not meet specs provided to...

When does it make sense to process Chinese VAT rebates in-house?

A European friend of mine is based on China and runs a sourcing agency. The following are excerpts from our discussion on the pros and cons of setting up in-house VAT...

How to source when there is a lack of trust and ethics

Back in 2011, I wrote the blog post

Importing From Chinese Suppliers

9 costly mistakes commonly made by small buyers

Thanks to the internet it is fairly easy for a small buyer to place an order direct to an Asia supplier. Starting an online store or small business has never been...

Top Blog Posts of the Month related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply China Management

Best of CSIC network 5.8.2014 to 5.29.2014 Editor’s Picks from Sourcing & Supply China Management Blog Posts Negotiation, Contracts and Payments – The Ultimate...


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