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“In this book, Mike distills all his knowledge about how to manage a cross-border relationship with suppliers. And by providing not just guidance, but also the forms and templates (in both English and Chinese) that he uses for his own business, he makes this knowledge actionable. The time and effort you save just by using the provided forms and templates will more than pay for the book. The mistakes you avoid by learning from Mike’s experiences may be the difference between your company’s success and failure.”

Peter Zapf, Deputy COO, Global Sources (NASDAQ-GS: GSOL)

“Mike’s encyclopedic knowledge of China business in general and sourcing/manufacturing in particular have been instrumental in helping PassageMaker to grow into the successful medium-sized company that it is today, and invaluable in my personal development as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his book to anyone who’s looking to do business in China. After working in Mike’s Shenzhen headquarters for a few years, I thought I knew all there was to know about China sourcing, but we passed the book around our sourcing team and every one of us gained new insights, even our Chinese staff.”

David Learn, Director, New Project Development, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions (colleague of the author)

Almost 300 pages of strategies, templates, procedures and best practices based on the operations manual of a successful sourcing agency. All of the above + digital copies of the templates outlined in the book (downloadable after purchase).
As detailed instructions on how to use the templates are found in the book and not on the templates themselves, the author does not recommend purchase of only the template package unless buyer has significant China sourcing experience or has purchased The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing. 

The folder of templates includes digital versions (in excel and word format) of the following documents.

  1. “Bi lingual PO template.MOU template.Code of Conduct list REV MB 9.1.2011”  contains a Purchase Order Template + Memo of Understanding + Code of Conduct. This is the holy trinity that makes up a sound supplier-buyer contract.
  2. “Simple Factory Audit Template REV MB 9.1.2011” is a check list for conducting an audit of a factory’s quality systems.  This is the key step to verify that your supplier can manufacture your desired product.
  3. “NDA_Template_rev_MB 9.1.2011” is the Non-Disclosure Agreement which should be signed by relevant parties to ensure your intellectual property is protected.
  4. “Social Audit Template rev MB 9.1.2011” is a check list for conducting an audit of a factory’s social compliance.
  5. As the name stated, “VERY technical Supplier Evaluation Template Rev MB 9.1.2011” is very comprehensive supplier evaluation tool. While most buyers will utilize only a fraction of the 100’s of check points, the entire document is bi-lingual and this may assist your communications if you need to convey certain quality control concepts to supplier who is not technically proficient when it comes to understanding quality terms in English.
  6. “extensive factory audit template rev MB 9.1.2011” is a more detailed version of “simple factory audit.”
  7. “Random Reference Fields for a RFQ template rev MB 9.2011” offers suggested fields to be used during a buyer’s Request For Quotation (RFQ) process when sourcing in common products such as injected plastic and metal fabrication.
  8. “Simple OPL Template rev MB 9.1.2011” introduced the “open project list” which is a very basic tool, along with a GANT chart, to help organize project management.

Note on Payment Processing

*Purchases can be made via any major credit card or pay pal and will appear as “QTP Ltd” (author’s account) on your next statement. All pricing is in USD. If you encounter any issues with delivery of your order, please call 317-733-7755 or email


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