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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

Category: Ask the Experts Q&A

Raw Material Prices In China

When raw material prices go down, can I expect lower pricing on finished product?

Sylvia writes: Since the prices of Oil has dropped by 50% and since I purchase bags made from Polypropylene shouldn’t the factories reduce the cost of my finished...

Find Manufacturers In China

How can I find real companies in China who are real manufacturers in China?

Sebastian in the USA writes: I writing to you because I need information about how can I find the real companies, I do not want a middleman, I want to get in touch with...

Buy Customized Micro SD Cards from China

How to source customized Micro SD Cards in China

A buyer of medical products writes in with the following questions: We would like to have an association with Micro SD Manufacturers (original not traders) to make our...

Paying with Paypal In China

Paying Chinese suppliers with PayPal

Hi, I have read most of your forums and advise. But as a first time buyer am still confused about the payments. cause all the suppliers I chat with online sound the...

Ready to Buy From China?

DON’T buy from China if you fit this description

Buying direct from China is not for everybody. This Q&A helps manage expectations.   If you fit the description of this buyer, you shouldn’t buy in China...

What is the Difference between OEM & ODM + Tips for NDA

Today’s Question: What are the meanings of OEM and ODM? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. For example, you hire a factory in China to make products...

How to Register and Protect a Utility Patent when Buying from China

Today’s Question: My question pertains to my patent I currently hold on some sporting good equipment I recently just got approved for, I have a Utility Patent on...


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