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QC is essential. Better do it right.

6 Contract-Related Mistakes Importers Make in China

So you found a supplier in China. Maybe you sent them money for preparing some tooling, maybe you sent them a deposit. Then you find that production quality is not...

QC: At which stage of production should you do quality control?

Guest Post: By Kevin Lee: Co-founder of Asianconn International I am going to start this blog like an America TV commercial just to make it more entertaining rather than...

Sourcing in China for Hotel Management

How Can a Sourcing Company Help Hotel/Motel Project Managers/Owners?

Why Hotel and Motel Project Managers/Owners need a Sourcing Company One of the biggest challenges that hotel/motel owners and project managers face, is building, or...

Revealing A Great Idea Too Early

Revealing a Great Idea too Early

Whether it’s a new invention or a great business plan, sharing a great idea with others is a great way to get feedback giving you a fresh prospective and to help you...

Asia Quality Control Blog

Best of the Asia Quality Blog

January opened Asia Quality Control’s blog with a series of cautionary tales. AQF kicked things off with a comparison between the ‘Western New Years’...


Interview with a Former Foxconn Employee

The workspace where I’ve had my base of operations for the last two months has an employee who used to work at Foxconn as a test engineer. I asked him a few questions...

Asia Quality Control Blog

Best of the Asia Quality Blog for December

December wrapped up another exciting year of blogging for the Asia Quality Focus Blog.  An apparent theme throughout December seemed to be, ‘people don’t do...


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