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8 Blog Posts About China Sourcing

The Best 8 Blog Posts About Sourcing in China

10 Years: The Best 8 Blog posts about China Sourcing China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade. CSA selected the best 100+ posts...

How To Protect Intellectual Property

How to Protect Intellectual Property in China

China Sourcing Crash Course: Video 5. How to protect Intellectual Property in China It is my pleasure to let you behind the bamboo curtain and offer some practical tips...

Sourcing In China - Top Blog Posts

2 blogs post and 4 video tutorials worth reading this month.

Top Content for May 2015: Blog Posts & Videos: Sourcing, QC, Legal, Supply Chain Management (SCM)   Amazingly simple way to have a dedicated production line...

Top Content: Blog Posts & Videos: Sourcing, QC, Legal, SCM

Top Blog Posts of the Month related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply Chain Management Editor’s Picks from Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Blog Posts What’s a...

RMB Trading Hubs Can Save You Money

Learn how an elite group of RMB trading hubs can save you 8% on your China sourcing.

In our blog post “Pay suppliers in RMB and save big” we explained how Chinese suppliers commonly build a “buffer” into dollar-denominated contracts to guard...

Shipping Defective Products From China

Why suppliers intentionally ship defective products?

Excerpts from my interview with Thomson Reuters covering the impact of the economic slowdown, rising costs & payment issues when China sourcing. Why some suppliers...

Bribery In China

Poor Quality, Counterfeits, Bribery, Ethics…how bad is it really in China?

Sourcing in China? – How bad is it really in China? In the big picture, I think the situation is improving. Factories are getting better at communications and...


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