China Whispers: Why everything you’ve heard about China is wrong

China Whispers Image

The official introduction to the book: CHINESE WHISPERS tugs aside this age-old curtain of distortion in a powerful counterblast to modern assumptions about China. By examining the central myths, or ‘whispers’, that have come to dominate our view of China, Ben Chu forces us to question everything we thought we knew about world’s most populous…

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Book Review: Where Underpants Come From?

Where The Underpants Come From

Today’s Book Review: “Where Underpants Come From” by Joe Bennett Official Teaser: When Joe Bennett bought a five-pack of ‘Made in China’ underpants in his local New Zealand Warehouse for $8.59, he wondered who on earth could be making any money, let alone profit, from the exchange. How many processes and middlemen are involved? Where…

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Don’t Just Roll The Dice

Dont Roll The Dice Image

I recently read a short book called, Don’t Just Roll The Dice, available as a free pdf.  The book is about different pricing models and how they work, why they work, the psychology of different schemes, and how to choose the right model and prices for your business. DJRTD primarily focused on software, but as a…

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Poorly Made in China

Poorly Made In China

One of the recommendations from a presenter was the book Poorly Made In China. The book was written by Paul Midler, from the perspective of an agent who deals with importers who are trying to have their products manufactured in China. Usually he is brought in when there is a communication problem and things are…

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Book Review: The Essential Reference Guide to China sourcing

The Essential Reference Guide To China Sourcing

Excitement! Satisfaction! Danger! Miscommunications! These are just some things that go through my mind when I think about sourcing products from China.  It must be exciting to find a great product in one location that you can sell in another location, and ultimately satisfying when customers are happy and a profit is made.  However, trade…

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