Sourcing Smartwatches and Wearables in China

What to Look for When Sourcing Smartwatches and Wearables? A Factory Visit According to data from the report Year 2015 China smart wrist wearable market research’ published by IDC, the market volume has expanded significantly from 2013 through to 2015 and will continue through 2016 and beyond. Wearables represent smartwatches and smart bracelets and are…

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Engage Chinese Suppliers to improve their Productivity

Engage Chinese Suppliers Improve Productivity

How to Engage Chinese Suppliers to improve their Productivity? Five Questions to Ask! What I am facing is that when I, in a labor-intensive industry, go to the supplier and talk to them about creating productivity, it’s a two-fold situation. They either say “Yes. No problem, let’s go to work in China, even though I…

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Finding the Right Supplier on Global Sources

Find the Right Supplier at Global Sources

How do you identify the right supplier in the Global Sources website? An example of textile/fabric suppliers. I have previously written about how to finding the right supplier in China on the China Sourcing Academy blog. Today I want to share with you three approaches that you can take when looking through the Global Sources…

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Trading Companies vs Manufacturers in China

How To Identify Trading Companies In China

How do you identify ‘trading companies’ who may pose as full-fledged manufacturers? It appears that not every booth at a trade show is a factory. When you place orders, they turn out to be a trading company. How do you identify the difference? That’s a good question. To be honest, you can never know for…

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Scams and Tricks to look out for in China

Scams and tricks to look out for when sourcing In China

What are Some of the Scams and Tricks to look out for in China? China Sourcing Conference 2015 Mike shared on common scams and tricks in China. Mike also gave invaluable tips, tools and best practices to prevent such things from happening to you. The common scams in China have gained a name for themselves.…

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Supplier Challenges – Negotiation Strategy

Electronics Exhibition In China

How Knowledge of Your Suppliers’ Challenges can help Your Negotiation Strategy in China In April 2015, I had the chance to supervise interviews of over 1000 suppliers attending the Global Sources electronics and household goods trade shows in Hong Kong. The Questions focused on what is your number one challenge and how are you responding…

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