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CSIC Directory

  1. Please us this short form to subscribe to "Mike's Quarterly Update on China Business, Law and Sourcing".
  2. The same form can be used for the  “Ask the Experts”  service.
  3. Representatives from the Media are encouraged to get in touch via this short form. CSIC welcomes syndication/re-publishing of CSIC but written permission must be granted in advance.
  4. If you need help in China, please contact the China Sourcing Service Center. They offer a comprehensive list of reputable service providers, including, but not limited to Sourcing Agent, QC inspectors, China Lawyers, 3rd Party Assembly/ Black Box Mfg., Logistics, Debt Collection, Dispute Resolution & much more.
  5. If a scam or underperforming supplier has hurt your business, consider the following:

One: Post the supplier to www.SupplierBlackList.com and warn others.

Two: Contact the China Sourcing Service Center to be introduced to lawyers and collection agents that can help recover your losses.