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If you wish to contact CSIC, please select one of the items below:

  1. For the “Ask the Experts” service, please click here.
  2. Representatives from the Media may contact us here.
  3. If you need support in China, please contact the China Sourcing Service Center. They have the world’s most comprehensive list of endorsed service providers, inclusive of the following :
    • Sourcing/Purchasing Agents
    • Inspections, Factory Audits & Quality Control Specialists(3PQC)
    • Engineering & Designs
    • Due Diligence
    • China Visit Support
    • Payment Escrow
    • Tool & Die Shops/ Tooling Stewards
    • 3rd Party Assembly/ Black Box Mfg.
    • Logistics
    • Lawyers
    • Debt Collections
    • Business Intelligence, Investigations, and Surveillance
    • Company Formation
    • Accounting
    • Dispute Resolution

4. If a scam or underperforming supplier has hurt your business, consider the following:

One: Post the supplier to and warn others.

Two: Contact the China Sourcing Service Center to be introduced to lawyers and collection agents that can help recover your losses.

5.  For general questions & comments about our website please click here.


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