Name Explained

With the name “(update- Another China Blog has moved to” I wanted to admit in a light hearted fashion that I’m finally jumping on the China blogging bandwagon having lived in Asia since 1993 and realize there are a lot of excellent China business blogs out there already.  But along with poking fun at myself, I also hope the name will convey two deeper meanings.


  1. In terms of China business blogs, much of the content relates to stories about foreigners having problems doing business in China.  This is to be expected because the reality of sourcing in particular and business in general is that China is full of pitfalls and can be a dangerous place to conduct trade, especially if you are new to China.  So I hope my “(update- Another China Blog has moved to” becomes a blog where readers are given the tools and knowledge to create “another China”, a China where foreign buyers have a fighting chance to meet their targets for price, quality and lead-time while protecting their intellectual property.
  2. I’m also hoping that my content is worthy of other bloggers adding “Another China blog” to their blog rolls!

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