Genuine products from China?

China Brand Name Scam

Can you get genuine Apple products from China? QUESTION: Short question. Long Answer. Apple products are readily available in China. While there are only a handful of Apple stores, there are many authorized retailers. I live in Shenzhen and recently purchased an iPad2 for my daughter. But if your question is “can you buy genuine…

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More on Apple products in China

I have a few questions about Apple products. 1. How can I tell if it is genuine or fake? 2. Which manufacturer in China is authorized to do the production of Apple devices? 3. What is the price range for genuine apple products? 4. How can I contact that manufacturer and in which part of…

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Hate my iPad2: a lesson about sourcing

News Flash: Steve Jobs kicked me in the nuts! Here is how he did it.   The other day I set out for the local mall in Shenzhen with a budget of 300 RMB to pick up an MP3 player for my daughter’s birthday.  The IPad2 came out in China the very same date and…

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