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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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Where Underpants Come From Book Review

Book Review: Where Underpants Come From?

Today’s Book Review: “Where Underpants Come From” by Joe Bennett Official Teaser: When Joe Bennett bought a five-pack of ‘Made in China’ underpants...

Dont Just Roll The Dice - Book Review

Don’t Just Roll The Dice

I recently read a short book called, Don’t Just Roll The Dice, available as a free pdf.  The book is about different pricing models and how they work, why they work,...

Poorly Made In China Book Review

Poorly Made in China

One of the recommendations from a presenter was the book Poorly Made In China. The book was written by Paul Midler, from the perspective of an agent who deals with...

Target audience of the reference guide to China sourcing

I’m a 34 year old male from the States looking to start a business selling Chinese products. I want to learn the right way from the start. My question is: Would...


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