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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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Raw Material Prices In China

When raw material prices go down, can I expect lower pricing on finished product?

Sylvia writes: Since the prices of Oil has dropped by 50% and since I purchase bags made from Polypropylene shouldn’t the factories reduce the cost of my finished...

Common Mistake #2: ‘Not Knowing the All in Costs When Going China Direct’

CSIC founder and Buyer Representative Mike Bellamy walks viewers through the process of preparing a budget for initial orders with new suppliers. Taped at the October...

33 Import duties disappear!

China’s Ministry of Finance announced in June that the country will cut or completely eliminate tariffs on 33 commodities, ranging from fuel to textiles.  ...

China’s manufacturing slowdown. Why it’s GOOD news for us buyers.

As Americans, when we hear that US manufacturing is slowing down, we get sad. But as buyers,  when we hear China’s manufacturing sees sizable slowdown in June, we...


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