QC: At which stage of production should you do quality control?

Guest Post: By Kevin Lee: Co-founder of Asianconn International I am going to start this blog like an America TV commercial just to make it more entertaining rather than depressing. Are you tired of getting crappy products from China? Are you tired of dealing with customers who constantly complain about the quality of your product?…

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6 Contract-Related Mistakes Importers Make in China

Success or Failure Path - QC is essential. Better do it right.

So you found a supplier in China. Maybe you sent them money for preparing some tooling, maybe you sent them a deposit. Then you find that production quality is not acceptable, or the shipment keeps getting delayed. You request that the supplier make changes, but they simply ignore you, or they don’t act. You find…

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Engage Chinese Suppliers to improve their Productivity

Engage Chinese Suppliers Improve Productivity

How to Engage Chinese Suppliers to improve their Productivity? Five Questions to Ask! What I am facing is that when I, in a labor-intensive industry, go to the supplier and talk to them about creating productivity, it’s a two-fold situation. They either say “Yes. No problem, let’s go to work in China, even though I…

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How Can a Sourcing Company Help Hotel/Motel Project Managers/Owners?

Sourcing in China for Hotel Management

Why Hotel and Motel Project Managers/Owners need a Sourcing Company One of the biggest challenges that hotel/motel owners and project managers face, is building, or renovating a property within a budget. Everything from labor and equipment to materials, furniture and décor can cost excessive amounts of money, which is why many of them turn to…

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A Pricier China – Buyers Keep Faith But Smarten Strategies

The relationship between buyer and supplier is maturing as the focus expands beyond cost to long-term benefits The era of cheap Chinese goods may be nearing an end but, contrary to popular belief, major global buyers are not switching out of the country. Rather, they are identifying suppliers of quality and working in concert with…

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