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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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Buy Customized Micro SD Cards from China

How to source customized Micro SD Cards in China

A buyer of medical products writes in with the following questions: We would like to have an association with Micro SD Manufacturers (original not traders) to make our...

Ready to Buy From China?

DON’T buy from China if you fit this description

Buying direct from China is not for everybody. This Q&A helps manage expectations.   If you fit the description of this buyer, you shouldn’t buy in China...

Bribery In China

Poor Quality, Counterfeits, Bribery, Ethics…how bad is it really in China?

Sourcing in China? – How bad is it really in China? In the big picture, I think the situation is improving. Factories are getting better at communications and...

Affordable Quality Control In China

Affordable Quality Control Strategies that Work! Video Tutorial

How to control quality in China? A video tutorial by Mike Bellamy QC strategies for international buyers: As presented at Global Sources’ China...

China Sourcing Project Management - Video Tutorial

Exclusive Video Tutorial: China Sourcing – Project Management

How to manage China sourcing projects? Project Management Tips from the Expert "How to manage China sourcing projects": A project management tutorial...

Top Content: Blogs and Videos: Sourcing, QC, Legal and SCM

Best of CSIC network 11.4.2014 to 12.1.2014 Top Blog Posts of the Month related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply Chain Management Editor’s Picks from Sourcing &...

International Sourcing Conference China

Exclusive Video: Q&A from the International Sourcing Conference

Bonus Video: Q& A video from Global Sources China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) Issues covered: Q1: how to find an English speaking Chinese lawyer? Q2:...


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