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Don’t end up looking like an Ass in the year of the Horse

Chinese holidays can impact your supply chain and make you look bad in the eyes of your customers.With the Chinese New Year holiday rapidly approaching, I want to offer...

‘Knowing the Chinese Production Calendar Part 7

Whitwell C. Kelly, Global Sales Director of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions, talks about knowing the Chinese production calendar. Part 7 of 11  

Where have all the production line workers gone this year? And what this could mean for your production schedule.

A recent article in the China Daily, “Lost staff prompt a headache”, explains that businesses in the export oriented Guangdong province are having difficulty in...

What buyers need to know about Chinese New Year

The following tips for dealing with Chinese New Year come from my good friend Helmut Maertin, who is based in Shenzhen.   Like most western countries, China largely...


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