Exclusive Video: Q&A from the International Sourcing Conference

International Sourcing Conference China

Bonus Video: Q& A video from Global Sources China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) Issues covered: Q1: how to find an English speaking Chinese lawyer? Q2: which product categories and industries give buyers the biggest headache? Q3: how to work with the Chinese customs authority to help them prevent the export of counterfeit…

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Compliance in China. Challenges of Transparency, Interpretation & Enforcement.

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing foreign companies operating in China. While there is a law/policy/regulation/suggested standard promulgated by Beijing for almost every aspect of doing business, for the typical Western owned company operating in China, the problem is two-fold: Interpretation and enforcement of the law varies greatly not only from province to…

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How to Confirm Compliance to US Standards

Too many buyers find a supplier, place an order, then think about compliance. That is very dangerous. So I’m glad you are asking up front. Here are some suggestions. During your supplier selection phase (related video: Evaluating Suppliers) you should focus on supplier who have experience exporting this product to the USA. But, even if…

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