Chinese don’t trust Made-in-China, why would you?

Is China cleaning up the fake products? China Daily reports that 76% of China’s luxury consumption happens overseas. Even more telling is that while overall luxury consumption is down, the portion of overseas consumption has actually increased:   Chinese people’s domestic consumption of luxury goods was 25 billion US dollars in 2014, down by 11…

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Exclusive Video: Q&A from the International Sourcing Conference

International Sourcing Conference China

Bonus Video: Q& A video from Global Sources China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) Issues covered: Q1: how to find an English speaking Chinese lawyer? Q2: which product categories and industries give buyers the biggest headache? Q3: how to work with the Chinese customs authority to help them prevent the export of counterfeit…

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Sean Connery vs. the…what?

Counterfeit DVD’s are still widely available in China. I don’t advise you buy them because the quality is horrible and it’s wrong from an ethical perspective.  Plus you can get in big trouble when importing and exporting across international borders. I think the producers of the counterfeit DVD below were trying to create a box…

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