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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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Shipping Defective Products From China

Why suppliers intentionally ship defective products?

Excerpts from my interview with Thomson Reuters covering the impact of the economic slowdown, rising costs & payment issues when China sourcing. Why some suppliers...

Regulations for sending back defective materials

Can I send defective materials or wrong items back to China? What are the regulations? ANSWER: I am happy to report that we have a comprehensive answer for you at the...

Are there cheaper resources in China for repairing defected electronics?

I currently buy returned electronics in bulk and selling it further. However, many of these items are defected, so I need to repair it here in the States which is way...

How does one actually return defective product back to China?

How does one actually return defective product back to China?  We have a cooperative supplier, but they say even returned product (a container load) is subject to VAT...


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