10 Years’ experience summarized in 2 articles: China Engineering Issues

Engineering In China

10 Years’ experience summarized in 2 articles:  China Engineering Issues China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade. CSA selected the best 100+ posts (covering 18 different sub-topics) from his various blogs for their relevance to international buyers doing business with China. Each week we pick a topic and offer…

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Protecting Your Custom Design

Can I design my own product? What should be the minimum order for my own designed product? How do I send the design to the manufacturer? Of course you can design your own product. But not all suppliers are set up to do custom work and you also need to think carefully about how to…

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DFM – Design for Manufacturing

My clients and suppliers are using the term DFM, what does it mean? Answer by Paul Hornix of VentureTech Engineering – DFM means “Design For Manufacturing”, It is important to stress that under DFM the manufacturing process dictates the design. In other words, the DFM process heavily depends on the project economics, volumes, budget, target…

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“Design For Manufacturing” Behind the Buzz

DFM Design For Manufacturing In China

A friend from Canada mentioned the DFM is a buzz word in manufacturing back home. He asked me if DFM was hot in China too.  I know DFM means “Design for Manufacturing” but I wasn’t sure about the China situation and to learn more I asked an expert.  Here is what I found. Former Microsoft…

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Engineering in China

For this article, I would like to focus on options for developing your specifications so that your suppliers know exactly what you desire. The process of building up the specifications is sometimes called “Design for Manufacture” (DFM). DFM ensures that the concept is valid and the right materials and production processes are in place to ensure not only quality, but also price and leadtime targets are achieved. DFM is a critical step in the sourcing process if your product is customized or if the supplier has not manufactured the item in the past.

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