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Exclusivity Agreement With Chinese Suppliers

3 Must Read Posts About Exclusivity with Chinese Suppliers

10 Years: 3  Must Read Blog Posts About Exclusivity & Distributor Agreements with Chinese Suppliers. China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been...

New BBQ. Protecting IP. Working with factory on distribution.

I am designing a new BBQ.  How do I protect my design so that nobody will copy it?  Plus how do I sell the idea to somebody to manufacture it as it will be the only...

Looking for a Merchant Wholesale Distributor in the USA

I have a product I make in China. I am looking for a Merchant Wholesale Distributor in the USA . Where would I find a list of them? ANSWER: I have used MANA...

Where can I find a partner to help distribute a product under my license for the IP?

Hello, I have a new product that was recently patented by me, and I’m looking to find a partner to develop and distribute it. I am open to selling the legal rights to...


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