Supplier Challenges – Negotiation Strategy

Electronics Exhibition In China

How Knowledge of Your Suppliers’ Challenges can help Your Negotiation Strategy in China In April 2015, I had the chance to supervise interviews of over 1000 suppliers attending the Global Sources electronics and household goods trade shows in Hong Kong. The Questions focused on what is your number one challenge and how are you responding…

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DON’T buy from China if you fit this description

Ready to Buy From China?

Buying direct from China is not for everybody. This Q&A helps manage expectations.   If you fit the description of this buyer, you shouldn’t buy in China now! Portia in South Africa writes in with the following question: Hi Mike, I am new in to buying goods/importing from China. I would like to visit China…

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Smart phones and computers from China

China Sourcing Information Center - with Mike Bellamy

Buying Computers and Smart Phones from China? I would like to place an order to buy computers and smart phones from Chinese suppliers, many of them had sent me their price list but not a single one is willing to use an Escrow company, all of them require a payment in advance and I’m concern…

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Purchasing Brand Name Electronics

We are planning to attend the electronic fair in Hong Kong as well as the Canton fair in April. We are interested in consumer electronics by brand names and are wondering if these shows are worthwhile attending for these purposes. That depends on the brand names you are after.  If you are looking for Chinese…

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Best of our Sponsors

Believe it or not next week begins March’s end.  With it comes our compilation of our sponsors’ best articles.  This month we reviewed articles from Global Sources, Asia Quality Focus, and AsiaBridge.  GS gave us two completely different posts, one about ‘reshoring’ and one regarding the top electronics for February.  AQF warned us of mixing…

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My Suppliers Don’t Want To Use Paypal. Why?

I am trying to purchase Nikon cameras and I find that none of the suppliers are willing to accept payment via paypal, alipay or LC. What is going on with using these secure payment transactions? There could be multiple reasons, but based on my experience, here are the two most likely candidates: 1.     What is…

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