Smart phones and computers from China

China Sourcing Information Center - with Mike Bellamy

Buying Computers and Smart Phones from China? I would like to place an order to buy computers and smart phones from Chinese suppliers, many of them had sent me their price list but not a single one is willing to use an Escrow company, all of them require a payment in advance and I’m concern…

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Safe Payments = Safe Sourcing

Why is it so hard to locate a “supplier” that will take payments by “Credit Card”? Are credit cards not USED by Chinese people? I ALSO have trouble finding one which will take payment through an “Escrow” service. How is an American “buyer” supposed to have any “security” on a business transaction? I was ALREADY…

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Last Payment Escrow. Now They Want Direct Pay.

Is it ok to send payment straight to sellers account, last time I ordered with this company I sent payment with Escrow, this time they asked me to pay straight to their bank account? Is this a good or bad idea? I would be very concerned if the account they are asking you to pay…

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