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Ready to Buy From China?

DON’T buy from China if you fit this description

Buying direct from China is not for everybody. This Q&A helps manage expectations.   If you fit the description of this buyer, you shouldn’t buy in China...

What are the China inbound taxes (VAT and import duty) for building materials?

My company is a Hong Kong based SMB, decoration material supplier, representing a several overseas brands. Would like to know the import duty and VAT rate for importing...

Hong Kong Scam

Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

AsiaBridge Law’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an...

Do I Get a VAT Rebate in China?

Our distributor imports fragrances into China and pays 17% VAT. How much VAT does the distributor get back once the goods are sold to retailers and how long does it...

What do MOB and FOB Mean?

Thanks for your email to CSIC. You asked “I need to know what the meaning of MOB & FOB. If I bought item from supplier, how about the charges of shipping? “...

Importing Food and Country FDA Registration Requirments.

I would like to import certain food product. However, I need to do initial registration of the food to my country’s FDA. In order to do that, there is some...

‘Don’t Forget the Marketing’ Part 11

Whitwell C. Kelly, Global Sales Director of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions, talks about the importance of marketing. Part 11 of 11  


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