A Pricier China – Buyers Keep Faith But Smarten Strategies

The relationship between buyer and supplier is maturing as the focus expands beyond cost to long-term benefits The era of cheap Chinese goods may be nearing an end but, contrary to popular belief, major global buyers are not switching out of the country. Rather, they are identifying suppliers of quality and working in concert with…

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Why would you pay a factory an agency fee to import?

Import From China Sourcing Agents

Is it legit for the factory to request buyer pays agency fee? Mohamed in Egypt writes: I’m import artificial grass from a China company and they offer me agency for product in Egypt and declare all products will be covered. They ask for 10,000$ for agency insurance/fee. Should I pay it?   I don’t know…

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How Can Textile Factories Continue to Operate in Expensive China?

Textile Factories In China

Report on Dongguan’s Textile Industry By Neale O’Connor With reports of the textile industry moving to cheaper South East Asia and third world countries and out of China, China continues to dwarf the other top five textile exporting nations (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Honduras) to the U.S. in terms of exports. As much of…

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