Why would you pay a factory an agency fee to import?

Import From China Sourcing Agents

Is it legit for the factory to request buyer pays agency fee? Mohamed in Egypt writes: I’m import artificial grass from a China company and they offer me agency for product in Egypt and declare all products will be covered. They ask for 10,000$ for agency insurance/fee. Should I pay it?   I don’t know…

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How Can Textile Factories Continue to Operate in Expensive China?

Textile Factories In China

Report on Dongguan’s Textile Industry By Neale O’Connor With reports of the textile industry moving to cheaper South East Asia and third world countries and out of China, China continues to dwarf the other top five textile exporting nations (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Honduras) to the U.S. in terms of exports. As much of…

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A very unique marketing message: Chinese salesman offers tips on how buyers can manage their supply chains when dealing with factories, like his, that have no project management.

Today I received an email from a Chinese salesperson named Peter Lou at a metal fabrication factory introducing his firm in hopes I would consider placing an order.  I get a lot of emails like that, but what made this one interesting is that he had a unique sales pitch. Excerpts are posted below.  He…

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Move over Shanghai Surprise. Meet the Zhejiang Screwjob.

Back in January 2013 we alerted our readers to a scam targeting Chinese factories and Western buyer which was reaching epidemic proportions at the time of writing. At the peak of the outbreak, we were receiving no less than a report a week from CSIC readers who had fallen or almost fallen for the scam.…

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Thermoforming Factory

For the product I’m building (A portable electronic scoreboard), the enclosure is large; 18″x10″. This is pushing the limits of injection molding without using a giant press. It’s certainly too large for a 50 ton press, and the 200 ton is about right. I was looking for other options and wanted to try out thermoforming,…

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Returning Products to a Factory in China

I have a friend that has his own business and has been exporting goods from China/Taiwan on his own for a few years now.  He has recently had quality issues and it has finally gotten to the point that he can’t take sub standard product any more.  He wants to return a full 40’ container…

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