Supplier Challenges – Negotiation Strategy

Electronics Exhibition In China

How Knowledge of Your Suppliers’ Challenges can help Your Negotiation Strategy in China In April 2015, I had the chance to supervise interviews of over 1000 suppliers attending the Global Sources electronics and household goods trade shows in Hong Kong. The Questions focused on what is your number one challenge and how are you responding…

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China Whispers: Why everything you’ve heard about China is wrong

China Whispers Image

The official introduction to the book: CHINESE WHISPERS tugs aside this age-old curtain of distortion in a powerful counterblast to modern assumptions about China. By examining the central myths, or ‘whispers’, that have come to dominate our view of China, Ben Chu forces us to question everything we thought we knew about world’s most populous…

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Video – Evaluating Prospective Suppliers on the Show Floor

Evaluating Prospective Suppliers In China

Exclusive to CSIC! This video covers the following: China Sourcing – Evaluating Prospective Suppliers on the Show Floor – The Do’s and Don’ts by Charles Kirmuss CSIC volunteers Charles Kirmuss and Professor Neale O’Connor were recently in Hong Kong to host a seminar on China sourcing at the Global Sources trade show in April 2014…

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Hong Kong Increases Exports to the Middle East

Trade with a Middle Eastern country could be a very lucrative opportunity due to the rapid growth of their economy.  Naturally, the formula to finding the right suppliers and buyers will have to be executed in order to succeed. The United Arab Emirates has been in the spotlight for a while with regard to their…

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The World’s Biggest Electronics Event

From left: Shaher Husein, Camilo Tafurth, Mike Bellamy, and Godefroy Delteil I attended my very first trade fair at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) this October.  Thankfully, I went with Mike Bellamy, Advisory Board Member & Featured Blogger at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center, who’s been attending the fair regularly for many…

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HK’s annual budget speech and what it means for foreign buyers

CSIC corporate sponsor and China expert, Thaddaeus Mueller of, in a letter to his clients and friends recently gave an excellent summary of the HK financial secretary’s annual speech. With his permission, Thad’s letter is printed below, but I would like to draw attention to some key point about “profits tax remains unchanged at…

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China’s Legal System

As more and more companies around the world look to engage in the ever-growing economy in China, what will they do to cope with the corporate world in China? This article tries to give you some clues to the legal aspects of this engagement.

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