Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

Hong Kong Scam

AsiaBridge Law’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an account in HK but the goods are being produced in China. This right here, AsiaBridge tells us is a red flag.  Many people automatically trust this because it’s…

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Best of Fall at Global Sources [GS]

Lear How China Dominates Sourcing

October saw lots of buyers at the Global Sources [GS] trade fair in Hong Kong and the rest of the season GS brought us up to date sourcing news and trends.  We’ve compiled the best of Fall from GS. What China makes: 10 things the country is big on [Infographic] GS provided us an interesting…

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How to lower my exposure to risk when sourcing?

We have to make a 30% down payments to some suppliers in China against orders. How can it be secured and how to guarantee delivery of goods? The answer to your question has two parts. How to find the right supplier in the first place to ensure they are a legit seller and not a…

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Global Sources–Winter Wrap Up

Global Sources always provides the latest in all things sourcing.  Here are our favorites, from winter 2012-2013. Why is China expensive? Global Sources provided an excerpt from the article, ‘“The End of Made-in-China?” orginially from Silk Road Associates. GS summarized different scenarios causing buyers less likely to ‘buy China.’  Two in particular, China’s youth labor supply…

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My Goods Are Stuck in China Customs.

I have been exporting toys from China for 3 years. I currently have a 20′ and a 40′ allegedly being held by customs in China and our agent says they want a 13,000$ so called “fine” for them to come off the wharfs and on to a ship. I just refuse to pay. We have…

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