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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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Import From China Sourcing Agents

Why would you pay a factory an agency fee to import?

Is it legit for the factory to request buyer pays agency fee? Mohamed in Egypt writes: I’m import artificial grass from a China company and they offer me agency for...

China Factory Direct - Yes or No

10 Years: 5 articles you need to read if your China order is less than 100,000 USD

10 Years: 5 articles you need to read if your order is less than 100,000 USD in China China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade....

China Sourcing Academy - Learn sourcing from China

China Sourcing Academy

As you probably already know, sourcing from China can be expensive and time consuming. Whether you are a solopreneur looking to source from China, or you manage a...

Importing From Chinese Suppliers

9 costly mistakes commonly made by small buyers

Thanks to the internet it is fairly easy for a small buyer to place an order direct to an Asia supplier. Starting an online store or small business has never been...


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