6 posts worth reading about QC & Quality Assurance in Asia

Here is an insider’s look at important issues relating to quality control and auditing in Asia. The inspection agency Asia Quality Focus (AQF) has a blog called the “quality control blog” which is written by their team to share experience and know-how about quality assurance and how to source safely in Asia. I have the…

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Smart phones and computers from China

China Sourcing Information Center - with Mike Bellamy

Buying Computers and Smart Phones from China? I would like to place an order to buy computers and smart phones from Chinese suppliers, many of them had sent me their price list but not a single one is willing to use an Escrow company, all of them require a payment in advance and I’m concern…

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The 6 best blog posts about QC & Quality Assurance in Asia

Best of Asia Quality Focus Blog   I have the honor of serving on the board of directors for the inspection agency Asia Quality Focus. In this capacity I have gotten to know their team of researchers who create the content for their blog. The blog does an excellent job of giving an insider’s look…

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Best of Fall at Asia Quality Focus [AQF]

Asia Quality Focus Articles

September, October, and November saw a lot of great content pumping out of Quality Control’s blog.  We’ve compiled the best.  Be sure to check them out for the best tips on inspections, audits, and smart sourcing. Difference between audit and inspection The Asia Quality Focus Team illustrates the difference between an audit and inspection for…

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QC: OK to be picky. But be professional.

In the cartoon the guest may very likely not be invited back to the establishment.  If you are not professional in your inspection and assessments of the product flowing from your Chinese partner’s factory, they may very well not invite you back for more business either.   As professional buyers, we need to be picky…

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