3 Tips for the RFQ that Saved me a Lot of Money

3 Tips For The RFQ That Saved Me A Lot Of Money

China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade. CSA selected the best 100+ posts (covering 18 different sub-topics) from his various blogs for their relevance to international buyers doing business with China. Each week we pick a topic and offer the best post about that topic pulled from Mike’s 100+ posts.

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How to Protect Intellectual Property in China

How To Protect Intellectual Property

China Sourcing Crash Course: Video 5. How to protect Intellectual Property in China It is my pleasure to let you behind the bamboo curtain and offer some practical tips to protect your intellectual property in China. [svpVideo v=1] Protect Intellectual Property in China – Watch on YouTube First off, I want to say that the…

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Why Register a Trademark in China?

Trademark In China

AsiaBridge Law Firm recently posted what the buyer will receive if they register his or her trademark in China.  Also if you didn’t already know, China is a first to register IP system, this is one reason it’s best to always register your trademark before embarking on any sourcing endeavor.  AsiaBridge addresses what trademark registration…

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Learn how to protect an idea for copycats

How can I protect my design my name and my logo with a Chinese supplier? I would like to avoid the same product being copied and sold by the same supplier or another one!   I am happy to let you know that we have covered this topic extensively and I can suggest the following…

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PRC Releases New Trademark Amendment, Violators Face Fines: ~500K USD

China’s top legislature– Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted an amendment to the Trademark Law which went into effect on 30th of August, 2013. The amendment, raises the compensation ceiling for trademark infringement to 3 million RMB (about 500,000 US dollars), six times the previous limit, it also includes clauses that will effectively prevent…

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