How to Protect Intellectual Property in China

How To Protect Intellectual Property

China Sourcing Crash Course: Video 5. How to protect Intellectual Property in China It is my pleasure to let you behind the bamboo curtain and offer some practical tips to protect your intellectual property in China. [svpVideo v=1] Protect Intellectual Property in China – Watch on YouTube First off, I want to say that the…

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Exclusive Video: Q&A from the International Sourcing Conference

International Sourcing Conference China

Bonus Video: Q& A video from Global Sources China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) Issues covered: Q1: how to find an English speaking Chinese lawyer? Q2: which product categories and industries give buyers the biggest headache? Q3: how to work with the Chinese customs authority to help them prevent the export of counterfeit…

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Avoiding middlemen. Protecting IP

China Sourcing Information Center - with Mike Bellamy

The Q&A below is with a buyer of Yoga Mats. But the discussion is applicable to just about any sourcing project in China.   Where do we find out the actual manufacturers of spiked yoga mats as these appear to be brokers/agents? We have contacted the manufacturers of spiked yoga and exercise balls to ask…

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Revealing a Great Idea too Early

Revealing A Great Idea Too Early

Whether it’s a new invention or a great business plan, sharing a great idea with others is a great way to get feedback giving you a fresh prospective and to help you to improve your great idea even further.  There are many events that have been popping up recently to help those who have ideas…

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