Interview with a Former Foxconn Employee


The workspace where I’ve had my base of operations for the last two months has an employee who used to work at Foxconn as a test engineer. I asked him a few questions about his experience there.  While the language barrier was a significant problem, I managed to find some questions and answers that worked.…

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Initial Findings on Manufacturing in China

For the past nearly three months, I’ve dealt with China and manufacturing in China. It has been stressful and interesting and exhausting and eye-opening. I don’t know nearly enough yet, but I know a lot, and what I’ve discovered agrees with what I’ve heard from others who have spent years and decades there. The following…

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How should I record and manage factory conditions?

Do Chinese factories have labor unions and does the government keep records of complaints from workers for a specific factory? Our company wants to make sure that the suppliers comply with local and international law (regarding forced labour for ex, working time) and we think our social audit might be not be enough to find…

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