Why Deb in Canada is pissed off at the supplier directories

Online Supplier Directories China

Why Canadian buyer is so mad at Alibaba and made-in-China.com Debora in Canada writes: Please help to refer me and my associate to legitimate suppliers for USB flash drives. We have used other suppliers before but they closed down and the last each of our company used (2 different suppliers) both scammed us. And we…

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China Sourcing Academy

China Sourcing Academy - Learn sourcing from China

As you probably already know, sourcing from China can be expensive and time consuming. Whether you are a solopreneur looking to source from China, or you manage a procurement team in charge of sourcing from China, there are so many tricks and how-to formulas that you can use to help you, to avoid the traps and to maximize your chances of on-time delivery and end user satisfaction.

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Blacklisted Suppliers in China

Supplier Blacklist

Update:  We have recently discovered Supplier Blacklist (SBL) which is a user generated list of bad suppliers. As of Dec 2012, we are no longer posting under-performing suppliers on the CSIC blog and encourage our readers to use SBL, if they wish to expose a bad supplier or conduct due diligence. NISSIS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.…

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