Trading Companies vs Manufacturers in China

How To Identify Trading Companies In China

How do you identify ‘trading companies’ who may pose as full-fledged manufacturers? It appears that not every booth at a trade show is a factory. When you place orders, they turn out to be a trading company. How do you identify the difference? That’s a good question. To be honest, you can never know for…

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Video – Evaluating Prospective Suppliers on the Show Floor

Evaluating Prospective Suppliers In China

Exclusive to CSIC! This video covers the following: China Sourcing – Evaluating Prospective Suppliers on the Show Floor – The Do’s and Don’ts by Charles Kirmuss CSIC volunteers Charles Kirmuss and Professor Neale O’Connor were recently in Hong Kong to host a seminar on China sourcing at the Global Sources trade show in April 2014…

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