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5 Essential Posts About How To Make Safe Payments

5 Essential Posts About How To Make Safe Payments

Sub topics to be covered in this part of the China sourcing series are Safe Payment Practices in China. How to make safe payments to a Chinese supplier.

RMB Trading Hubs Can Save You Money

Learn how an elite group of RMB trading hubs can save you 8% on your China sourcing.

In our blog post “Pay suppliers in RMB and save big” we explained how Chinese suppliers commonly build a “buffer” into dollar-denominated contracts to guard...

Paying with Paypal In China

Paying Chinese suppliers with PayPal

Hi, I have read most of your forums and advise. But as a first time buyer am still confused about the payments. cause all the suppliers I chat with online sound the...

Manage Chinese Suppliers

Exclusive Video: How to Manage Chinese Suppliers

Tips and Strategies: How to Manage Suppliers in China Raw Video:  The ABC’s of sourcing: managing Chinese suppliers As presented at the Australia International...

What payments methods and terms should I use to pay a supplier?

A reader recently wrote in to ask: “what method of payments do Chinese suppliers prefer ? “ Chinese suppliers prefer 100% in advance via bank transfer (or better...

3 essential steps to protect yourself when buying from China

We are getting close to making decisions on large quantity and large dollar value transactions with several companies in China. We are concerned with protecting...

Hong Kong Scam

Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

AsiaBridge Law’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an...


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