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3 Tips For The RFQ That Saved Me A Lot Of Money

3 Tips for the RFQ that Saved me a Lot of Money

China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade. CSA selected the best 100+ posts (covering 18 different sub-topics) from his various...

Ming-Global ‘RFQ’ Part 6 of 11

Zach Hegde, Sales Director of Ming-Global and Volunteer of China Sourcing Information Center, talks about RFQ. Part 6 of 11  

How to find a supplier: DIY vs Outsource

I need import to Europa (Romania)COMMISION ware. Fundamentally, there are two paths you can take to find a supplier. Option one is DIY. Option two is to outsource your...

DIY or outsource your sourcing?

Our company is looking to source the following Micro Drives: CompactFlash+ Type II hard disk micro drives. Some example models are Seagate ST68022CF, ST66022CF and...

What should I ask Chinese suppliers first?

I was watching your videos and have some questions. I established my furniture company a short while ago, and when doing business with Chinese suppliers I tend to first...


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