How to find the right suppliers, trading companies and service providers

Find a Trading Company in China

Exclusive Video: Raw footage of “How to find the right suppliers, trading companies and service providers?” Mike Bellamy is helping buyers to find reliable suppliers, trading companies and other service providers in China. Although this is not a professionally made video, it contains valuable information for all importers, sourcing in China. Watch on YouTube Video…

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Exclusive Video: How to Manage Chinese Suppliers

Manage Chinese Suppliers

Tips and Strategies: How to Manage Suppliers in China Raw Video:  The ABC’s of sourcing: managing Chinese suppliers As presented at the Australia International Sourcing Fair in Melbourne (Nov 2014) Topics Covered: • Establishing trust in business relationships in China • Effective communications with your Chinese supplier • Quality control in China • Making payments…

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Full Video – Best Practices for Professional Buyers

Trade Show -Fair

Best Practices for Professional Buyers: Lessons Learned Servicing Leading Supply Chains like Apple and Wal-Mart in China As presented at Global Sources’ China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) and Johannesburg (Nov 2014) By Mike Bellamy of the China Sourcing Academy and China Sourcing Service Center Worried about losing money? Learn how to avoid…

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Why Register a Trademark in China?

Trademark In China

AsiaBridge Law Firm recently posted what the buyer will receive if they register his or her trademark in China.  Also if you didn’t already know, China is a first to register IP system, this is one reason it’s best to always register your trademark before embarking on any sourcing endeavor.  AsiaBridge addresses what trademark registration…

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Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

Hong Kong Scam

AsiaBridge Law’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an account in HK but the goods are being produced in China. This right here, AsiaBridge tells us is a red flag.  Many people automatically trust this because it’s…

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How to lower my exposure to risk when sourcing?

We have to make a 30% down payments to some suppliers in China against orders. How can it be secured and how to guarantee delivery of goods? The answer to your question has two parts. How to find the right supplier in the first place to ensure they are a legit seller and not a…

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