Avoiding middlemen. Protecting IP

China Sourcing Information Center - with Mike Bellamy

The Q&A below is with a buyer of Yoga Mats. But the discussion is applicable to just about any sourcing project in China.   Where do we find out the actual manufacturers of spiked yoga mats as these appear to be brokers/agents? We have contacted the manufacturers of spiked yoga and exercise balls to ask…

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Product Sourcing and Modifications

Product Sourcing In China

Product Sourcing in China Let’s say you had an idea for a product and worked with a product design company to develop it.  Let’s say you filed for IP protection and have been making money from it for a while.  Now you want to find ways to cut costs and improve on your product by…

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Shipping Cost Responsibility and Sampling Fees.

What is the cheapest and most reliable method of shipping products I import from china to the US? Is the buyer responsible for shipping costs or can they be shared by buyer and seller? Do you normally pay for shipment of samples? It’s best to ask a logistics expert because the cost of moving goods…

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PayPal? How to Protect Myself as a Buyer?

When I ask to pay by Pay-Pal the supplier is not interested? Should I lose confidence in working with them?   Thanks for your question. The answer really depends on volume. Small traders/ exporters who sell at very small volume (units or small cartons) generally work w Pay Pal if they have clients overseas. Factories/…

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Negotiation of Sample Price vs. Production Price

If I get a sample price of $25. What can I reasonably expect to get for a higher quantity price? Unfortunately, there is no formula where if you pay X for samples then your price will be Y for a large order. In my opinion, the only way to know if you are getting a…

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How can I protect the quality of my product with a contract?

I’d like to know if there’s any kind of agreement that I can sign with a factory that enforces them to manufacture the products according to a golden sample that was pre-approved by the buyer and who should I look for to draft this kind of agreement? My objective is that I can contact a…

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