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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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Chinese Supplier Blackmailing Buyers

What to do when supplier breaks the contract and blackmails your deposit

Chinese supplier ignored the contract and holding my order hostage. Tom writes: Hi Mike, We met at your Global Sources conference in Hong Kong. One of the criteria for...

Paying Deposit To Chinese Suppliers

Chinese Supplier got my Deposit, now Ignores me. What to do?

Supplier didn’t ship the order and kept our deposit. What to do? Rajvansh in Dubai asks: We have placed an order to a Chinese supplier for Paper Bags. The supplier is...

Scams In China

Scams in China – This Online Supplier is Just Too Friendly…

Is the online supplier being “too friendly”? Importer from Ireland writes: This may seem like a trivial/silly question but I’m trying to source a supplier in...

6 Best Blog Posts About China Sourcing Scams

10 Years: 6 Best Blog Posts About China Sourcing Scams

Topics covered in this article series about sourcing in China are scams in China. I think I’ve been scammed for several thousand dollars. What do I do?

Buy Customized Micro SD Cards from China

How to source customized Micro SD Cards in China

A buyer of medical products writes in with the following questions: We would like to have an association with Micro SD Manufacturers (original not traders) to make our...

China Brand Name Scam

Genuine products from China?

Can you get genuine Apple products from China? QUESTION: Short question. Long Answer. Apple products are readily available in China. While there are only a handful of...

Beware of this very common mistake when selecting products to buy from China

“XXX famous brand is made in China. I’ll buy them in bulk from a Chinese wholesaler or factory on the cheap and get rich!”   At least once per week, the CSIC...


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