Engage Chinese Suppliers to improve their Productivity

Engage Chinese Suppliers Improve Productivity

How to Engage Chinese Suppliers to improve their Productivity? Five Questions to Ask! What I am facing is that when I, in a labor-intensive industry, go to the supplier and talk to them about creating productivity, it’s a two-fold situation. They either say “Yes. No problem, let’s go to work in China, even though I…

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A Pricier China – Buyers Keep Faith But Smarten Strategies

The relationship between buyer and supplier is maturing as the focus expands beyond cost to long-term benefits The era of cheap Chinese goods may be nearing an end but, contrary to popular belief, major global buyers are not switching out of the country. Rather, they are identifying suppliers of quality and working in concert with…

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Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

Hong Kong Scam

AsiaBridge Law’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an account in HK but the goods are being produced in China. This right here, AsiaBridge tells us is a red flag.  Many people automatically trust this because it’s…

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Global Sources–Winter Wrap Up

Global Sources always provides the latest in all things sourcing.  Here are our favorites, from winter 2012-2013. Why is China expensive? Global Sources provided an excerpt from the article, ‘“The End of Made-in-China?” orginially from Silk Road Associates. GS summarized different scenarios causing buyers less likely to ‘buy China.’  Two in particular, China’s youth labor supply…

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Horsemeat & QA

In light of the recent horsemeat scandal we thought we’d take this time to go over some key points about quality assurance and the importance of proper third parties and inspections. For those who are just now joining the horsemeat discussion, here’s some quick facts: In late January it was announced that some meat products, labeled…

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Best of the Asia Quality Blog

Asia Quality Control Blog

January opened Asia Quality Control’s blog with a series of cautionary tales. AQF kicked things off with a comparison between the ‘Western New Years’ celebration and the Chinese New Year celebration.  Later, AQF summarized some of the dangers the sourcing world faced in 2012.  They gave us a big shock with a letter from a…

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