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China Sourcing, Assembly and Packaging

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How To Identify Trading Companies In China

Trading Companies vs Manufacturers in China

How do you identify ‘trading companies’ who may pose as full-fledged manufacturers? It appears that not every booth at a trade show is a factory. When you place...

China Trade Show

Tips for making the most of a visit to a sourcing fair or trade show

How to make the most of a China trade show Exclusive video as presented at Global Sources’ China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) and...

Buying SD Cards From China

Behind the scenes: buying SD cards & flash/ thumb drives direct from China

Summary Written by Mike Bellamy, the founder of Shenzhen-based sourcing agency PassageMaker, and support by CISC researchers, this whitepaper is a behind the scenes look...

Buy USB Drives From China

Behind the scenes: buying SD cards & flash/ thumb drives, China Direct

Introduction At the recent Electronics industry show in HK, we assigned our CSIC researchers to interview dozens of buyers and sellers dealing in SD cards & flash...

CSIC team in Johannesburg to help buyers

On behalf of the CSIC and the local buyers who attended the presentations, I would thank Whitwell Kelly and Godefroy Delteil for making the trip to South Africa to man...

The World’s Biggest Electronics Event

From left: Shaher Husein, Camilo Tafurth, Mike Bellamy, and Godefroy Delteil I attended my very first trade fair at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) this...


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