3 Tips for the RFQ that Saved me a Lot of Money

3 Tips For The RFQ That Saved Me A Lot Of Money

China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade. CSA selected the best 100+ posts (covering 18 different sub-topics) from his various blogs for their relevance to international buyers doing business with China. Each week we pick a topic and offer the best post about that topic pulled from Mike’s 100+ posts.

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5 Good Questions Buyers Should Be Asking

1. What are the best ways for a small buyer to avoid scams and find reliable suppliers in China? 2. How can I make sure my China supplier complies with local & international labour laws and regulations? 3. What is the normal practice for requesting samples from manufacturers in China? 4. I want to become…

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How to evaluate a potential vendor’s quality system?

Most everybody knows that it is wise to get a feel for a potential supplier’s ability to produce a given product BEFORE placing a PO, but not every buyer knows how to organize a quality audit. Here is an overview of the process along with some templates from the QC experts. It is essential to…

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